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Across the sea 3:5:2016


In the years that followed Freemasonry’s 18th century rise, explorers, merchants, and adventurers brought the fraternity with them as they sought new lands far beyond European borders. Some brothers used the foundational tenets of Masonry to birth the world’s first democracies; yet, the craft endured in unequal societies as well, established by conquerors engaged in exploitive colonization.
Since then, the Masonic contribution to society has endured and expanded, even in societies where cultural values are at odds with Masonic teachings. And, contemporary brothers often find that their fraternity offers a respite from cultural, religious, and economic divides; in some cases even serving as a conduit to political power.
On March 5, join the Institute for Masonic Studies and the UCLA Freemasonry and Civil Society Program for a fascinating exploration of African and Middle Eastern Freemasonry. Learn more about the tensions and permissions that Western social culture has brought to these regions; hear first-person insights on what the fraternity is like there today; learn about contemporary cultural conflicts; and gain a deeper understanding of how Masonic experiences have varied between continents.
This year’s conference will be held in the Grand Horizon Ballroom. This new location features enhanced visibility and acoustics, as well as panoramic views of the UCLA campus.
Registration Fees
International Conference guests may register for the conference only, or may opt to also purchase a catered lunch.
$15 Conference registration
$30 Optional catered lunch
The catered lunch will be served buffet-style, and will feature a hot entrée. Guests may choose to bring their own lunch for consumption at the conference instead. Purchasing or bringing a lunch is recommended, as there are no nearby dining facilities. All conference guests will receive a complimentary continental breakfast and afternoon refreshments.
If you would like to buy a catered lunch, you must pre-register through the Grand Lodge website by February 26. Advance credit card payment is required.



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