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Chino Valley Lodge #427 Confers First Degree For. Mr. Velasquez

Ontario, CA – On August 26, 2015, Chino Valley Masonic Lodge conferred the first degree of Masonry on Mr. Velazquez with every station filled and over twenty five Masons in attendance. The perfectly executed degree was a sight to see! 

The night began around 6:00 p.m. as Chino Valley Lodge #427 officers arrived and greeted each other in the parking lot.  The three visiting brothers from Redlands Lodge and Upland were warmly greeted.  While brothers talked outside, Wor. Van Owen set up his computer and projector inside to ensure the slide show being delivered during the long form lecture was executed perfectly.  While othe lodge was set up, Wor. Kennedy, the sitting master of Chino Valley Lodge, arrived with the food and refreshments for the evening and filled the air with the smell of freshly cooked empanadas and pizza.

The lodge opened at 7:00 p.m. and escorted the candidate shortly after 7:30 p.m.  When you looked around the lodge your saw over twenty five attentive smiling faces in the lodge room.  While free from restraint brothers whispered and moved around the room talking, laughing, and engaging each other.  Wor. Manny Blanco took a seat by the two visiting brothers from Redlands Lodge, one a Master Mason the other an Entered Apprentice, extending the warm unconditional greetings that he is known for.  Wor. Patrick Janitell sat near the visitor from Upland.  Wor. Frank Lee, our recent past AGL, moved about the room and talked to nearly every member.  Wor. Feringa said, “It was nice to witness the brothers forging friendships and building bonds in the lodge again.  It has been a long time coming.”

Two rows of masons were present during the ceremony.  Velasquez received an amazing long form lecture from Wor. Van Owen complete with the slide show.  “This is a very special degree tonigh,” stated Wor, Rick Geyer, “many masons have never seen this this slide show.”  The night was carefully crafted for Velasquez to ensure he received a special initiation into the fraternity.

At the conclusion of the night Wor. Kennedy said, “This special night would not have been possible without the instrumental help received from the members of the other lodges present.  It was nice having a member of Redlands Lodge volunteer to deliver the charge from memory.”

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One Response to “Chino Valley Lodge Confers First Degree for Mr. Velasquez”

  1. Jack Rose Says:

    My congratulation to everyone for what appeared to be a rewarding Masonic experience for all involved.

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