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Out Going AGL Reception September 6, 2014

posted by admin
May 11, 2015

This is more than just a reception; it is a celebration of all of our accomplishments together. We began this joinery when I was Inspector and it continued when I was appointed Assistant Grand Lecturer four years ago. When I became AGL I saw the opportunity to blaze new trails for us as Masons, in our Lodges, our Districts and in the Division.

I saw a need to create a Division Facebook page for members to meet other members and to share successes. Next was the creating of the Division 8 Website, so anyone that was interested could be informed of the upcoming events and share news about the Lodges in the Division. This also provided a place for members who could no longer get out to their Lodge to feel that they could still be a part of the Masonic experience.

The biggest challenge I encountered was the need to unite all of the Lodges in the Division to raise funds for the Grand Masters projects. The Division 8 committee was formed so that members of the Division had the opportunity to share their talents and move Freemasonry forward into the 21 century. We took a bold step to create a face to each year’s project, by developing a video for each program that would provide a more heartfelt experience to our members.

All of these endeavors were successful, but the best compliment I can imagine to give to the members of Division 8 and the Division 8 Committee, is that you are all true pioneers, with true grit. To be a pioneer in America makes you a truly special person. Among a pioneers traits were independence, self-reliance, resourcefulness, individualism, and belief in the future. New opportunities stimulated initiative, energy, and determination to improve their surroundings not only for themselves but their families.  Pioneers are willing to face toil and hardship for the sake of opportunity and the search of something better. As most pioneers suffered  hardships we also suffered some of our own, with the loss of a valued  member of the team, Mark Sandstrom, we, like true pioneers push forward for the great opportunities that lied ahead.

I would be amiss not to mention our families, as they are also a part of this journey. I truly appreciate the sacrifices your families made by allowing you to devote so many hours to all of the Division’s projects.  I realize that they have responsibilities to their individual Lodges, but you also supported them to give their time and talents on the Division level. Thank you to the wife’s for their input and assistance over these past four years. Your special behind the scenes touches were really appreciated.

As we change AGL’s in our Division I want to wish George great success in the coming years. No one knows what will be said about the pioneers of Division 8 in the future. Let's hope it will be said that they were real visionaries and thought outside the box.

As my tenure as Assistant Grand Lecturer ends, I hope you are left with a true since of pride and accomplish and continue to be the pioneers, that I know you all can be. Never let the pioneer spirit die, continue to find ways to improve Freemasonry at every level. May you continue to have faith in your convictions and let your resolve be strong to serve the Fraternity. I leave you with a quote from John Quincy Adams. “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

As I put together this short video, you are about to see, it became evident we had painted such a beautiful portrait together. I hope these few memories we have shared over the past few years, will bring a smile to your face and peace to your heart, as it has to me.

Former AGL

Frank Lee

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