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Brother Fogle graduated from El Paseo, Texas High School in 1946.  He also received greetings from his Uncle Sam and was enrolled in Basic Training in the Army.  After Basic Training he was trained to be Solider in the 82nd Airborne, Tank Battalions and in the Corp of Engineers.  Then the Army liked him so well they sent him home and told him to get a college education.  So he enrolled in the University of Texas at El Paseo.  The military liked the good grades he was maintaining so well, they invited him to flight school in 1949.

After Flight school he was assigned to Davis-Monahan field in Tucson, Arizona.  There he flew B29 and B50 bombers all over the world.  As new planes were built, they would be delivered to Davis-Monahan Field and it was Brother Fogle’s job to deliver these new or refurbished planes to their new duty assignments.  One of the B-50s he flew to North Africa was the first plane to be flown nonstop around the world.

While in the Air Force as it was now called he was a single man.  One of his good friends introduced him to his future wife Virginia McCoy.  When he became involved with his wife he resigned his Captain’s commission and reentered civilian life.  He returned to El Paseo and started his career as a Marketing Manager with John Manville Construction Material.  His father talked him into joining masonry and his Brother-in-Law became his coach.

Brother Fogle was Initiated an Entered Apprentice Mason on April 20, 1962.  Passed to the degree of Fellowcraft on May 18, 1962 and Raised to the Sublime degree of Master Mason on June 15, 1962 in Lodge 310 in El Paseo, Texas.

In 1974, his profession moved him to California and he affiliated with Palm Springs Lodge.  His family was also starting to grow and he and his wife became very active in Rainbow for Girls.  From 1980 to 1994 he was Rainbow Dad for the Rainbow for Girls chapter at Palm Springs and in 1995 he was the State Rainbow Dad for California’s Rainbow for Girls.  Because of his involvement with the Rainbow for Girls in 1989 he was awarded the Hiram Award by his brothers at Palm Springs Lodge.  He was never installed in any lodge office but many a time he was asked to stand in at one of the minor positions in the Lodge lineup of Officers.

Richard F. Davis, PM

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