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The Grand Lecturer, the Very Worshipful Jack M. Rose, conducted the Division’s Master Mason’s class on Saturday, July 14th at Evergreen Lodge in Riverside. At least 60 Mason’s were in attendance for the exemplification of the 3rd Degree. The degree was presented in an exemplary manner by members from Temecula-Catalina Island Lodge, presenting the 1st section of the degree, and the Division 8 Degree Team executing the 2nd section.

The Grand Lecturer also spoke to the future of the ritual work in our Craft, and how the Grand Lecturer and the ritual committee are the custodians of the continuity of our traditions.

I appreciate all of the Brothers who attended this important annual meeting. Meeting with the Grand Lecturer gave us the opportunity to continue the high standards we have set upon ourselves and the presentation of our Craft’s ritualistic ceremonies. I would also like to thank the Brothers of Evergreen Lodge for donating the use of their facilities for the day. I would especially like to send the division’s thanks and appreciation to the Very Worshipful Jack Rose, for not only taking the time to prepare and attend our Master Mason’s School, but also for bringing his talents and experience to us in Division 8.

Frank Lee – AGL

Division 8

Evergreen Lodge Blood Drive

posted by admin
April 19, 2012


The Blood Drive held at Evergreen Lodge was a success. Those who came filled out a questionnaire, answered a series of health questions to see if they were eligible to give blood, and endured a small prick for a moment to provide the life-giving fluids that are so desperately needed. Some were able to go through the process of having the platelets filtered from their blood to be used.  It was reported that the process made you feel cooler since the blood was not kept, it was sent back to you. Brother Richard Scott organized the event and he and his wife provided cupcakes as snacks for those who gave blood. I found out that I shouldn’t have coffee before giving as they had a tough time finding a vein they could use.

John Channon
Inspector, Division 8


 Four Bethels got together on Saturday, March 24, 2012 for a Grand Guardian visit at Evergreen Masonic Center. The Jobs Daughters from   Riverside, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino and Redlands hosted a pajama breakfast with old-time cartoons playing on the big screen, a full breakfast for almost 100 people, and  cartoon trivia games. The Grand Guardian, Mrs. Sieber-Lowe, Assoc. Grand Guardian Geoff Matlack,  Deputy GG and  Assoc Deputy GG , as well as numerous other dignitaries were present, entertained , and well –fed. After which , the Grand Guardian met with the girls for questions and answers , pictures,  and then were treated to librarian reports and gifts from each Bethel.

Submitted by John Channon ,  PABG


D8 Web Master Ties The Knot

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March 18, 2012

D8 Webmaster Ties the Knot

 Drew Gilkey, Jr. Past Master of Evergreen Lodge #259 and Veronica Dodd were married on St. Patrick’s Day, Saturday, March 17, 2012 in a lovely ceremony in Orange, Ca.  After a day of torrential rain it cleared up just long enough to have the ceremony that was performed by Rev. Mark Sandstrom Division 8’s Inspector at Large, in a white tent, under a willow arch adorned with flowers.  Green was the color of the day, and was well represented in the beautiful emerald green of the bridesmaid’s and the flower girl’s dresses.  The men wore mint green ties with their black vests and tuxedos.

 During the ceremony the couple did have to be stopped from kissing too soon, before Mark pronounced them husband and wife, but they finally got it right. Division 8’s rowdy and enthusiastic crowd included many members from Evergreen Lodge, the AGL and the Masters from Evegreen and Moreno Valley Lodges.  The guests continued the lighthearted fun that was started during the ceremony and enjoyed the dinner, the cutting of the cake, the dancing and the taking of many pictures and videos.


Division 8 sends its best wishes to our hard working I.T. expert and our Webmaster, Drew.   You and Veronica make a great couple and we look forward to you continuing to working with our web site.


Wedding guests for D8 Today




Evergreen Lodge Sponsors Elementary School

posted by admin
March 5, 2012

Evergreen Lodge had the opportunity to visit Pachappa Elementary School’s Open House on March 1st. The purpose of their visit was to present to the school a myriad of items and supplies. Among the items donated were; pencils, markers, pens, crayons, white boards, white board markers, and organizers desperately in short supply in this time of fiscal need.

Past master Drew Gilkey made a presentation retailing for about $10,000 on behalf of Evergreen Lodge and gave a short history regarding Masonry and its support of education over the years. Mrs. Kiersten Frausto, the principal of Pachappa, teachers, parents, and students all showed great appreciation and excitement.

The members of Evergreen are looking forward to repeating this act of service to our educational community for years to come and plans are already in place to support  Pachappa  Elementary again next year.

Gregory M. Covel

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