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Corona Senior DeMolays Travels to raise a Brother

As a Past Chapter Dad and a Senior DeMoly myself, one of the reasons I joined the Masonic Lodge was I wanted to be like them, they were not only advisors, pillars of the community but also very successful in there labors and with their families.

So when I became Chapter Dad, it was very important to me that my boys got the same introduction I had when I was their age. We played the lodge every year in a softball game we had activities where they got to know the members of my lodge on many different levels.

I have helped raise many Senior DeMolays in my 46 years as a mason, but the one that will aways be special to me, will be the one I had the pleasure of taking part in last month.

One day I got a call from Brian Kelly one of my PMCs and he said Dad I am getting my third degree February 22 here in Commerce City CO, at Park Hill Lodge. I hope you will attend. Well, at that point I said Brain I wouldnt miss it for the world.

I got off the phone called the Master of their lodge and was granted permission for myself and a couple other Senior DeMolays to take part in the second section. So with that Robert Burger PMC and a PM served as Master in the East, I was in the West and Will Votaw PMC and a PM of Boise Lodge #1 played third base.  We practiced the night before and everything flowed great between 2 different Jurisdictions.

When a Chapter Dad raises his own, with his own boys the feelings are tearful. My father who was also very involved in our youth groups once told me,Son in 20 years look at the kids you advised, it will be at that point you will know just how good and affected you were. All of my boys turned out great.  That evening after the degree all 3 of them told me this was one of the best things we ever did, they then asked me who will be the next one Jeff or Kevin. My response was dont forget the others brothers in the Chapter.

Since this being the 100 year anniversary of DeMolay, my son and I our working on a reunion of of our Chapters, El Rancho Chapter from Pico Rivera CA and Whittier and Corona Chapters the first weekend of June and celebrating it together at the June 2ndGrand Lodge event in Long Beach.  

Erdean Johnson PM HA

Temescal Palms Lodge #314

Blast from the pass : Corona DeMolay Installation 1991

Video provided by: Franklin R. Lee P.M. HA


Southern California Jurisdiction DeMolay (SCJ), held their annual Conclave at the Riverside Marriott hotel. The Heroes of Sparta brought their spirit and enthusiasm to the entire hotel and to the Riverside Municipal Auditorium, where many events were held this year, due to the Convention Center undergoing a major remodeling.

The Consulting Oracle kicked off Conclave on Friday at 8p.m. Activities lasted long into the night, such as “Gods Never Sleep” that was board games, Karaoke and movies, which went from midnight to six a.m.  A few Grand Lodge officers were seen partaking in the festivities with the younger Gods. The Grand Master’s Membership Class was initiated on Saturday morning, followed by additional Spartan training, and a gathering of the Goddesses, so as to not leave out the Princesses, Sweethearts and other attendees. The afternoon continued with Spartan games, which included inflatable games and a Fair. The activities again lasted, for the stronger of the Gods, until 6 a.m.

Their packed schedule again began at 8am on Sunday morning. Conclave ended with the VIP reception, banquet and Installation, attended by the Grand Master, MW Frank Loui and his wife Jeanie, 3 Past Grand Masters with their wives and many other Grand Lodge officers and their wives. The SCJ new League officers, that were installed for 2012-2013 are Christopher Baker, Master Councilor, Kevin Gonzales, Deputy Master Councilor and Calab Nelson, Congress Secretary. Chris has chosen a “Star Wars” theme for the coming year. “May the force be with you” until we see you at the next DeMolay event.


Frank Lee – AGL Division 8



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