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Yes, it is true. We have been working with the state DMV to bring Masonic license plates to all who qualify in our great state of California.

Our then AGL, WOR. Frank Lee gave us the approval to start this project in 2010. Our current AGL has given his approval and with the assistance of PGM Wor. Russ Charvonia, myself and Wor. Michael Sekera has been meeting with the proper authorities to proceed with this endeavor. Yes, we have had several “hoops” to get through, but we are preserving to bring this to fruition. After several meetings and presentations to various State Senators offices and other state DMV approved charities, we are getting closer to our goal.

We will keep the Brothers apprised of the status as it goes forward. We kindly ask that ALL brethren support our efforts in order to improve our public presence around the state.

Jim Ridley, Inspector 830th. Masonic District

The latest correspondence from Wor. Michael J. Sekera;


In 2010 within Division 8 we were in different lodges asking ourselves, how we could raise money for the Grand Masters projects as well as other Charities. We thought of us having our own Masonic License Plates. I talked to Worshipful Jim Ridley and he asked me the question which was: “Have I researched it yet and when you do bring it back to me” he then said to me “we needed the Grand Masters approval, but sounds like a great idea”. It’s great to be able to choose to support a very broad range of charities. That is why we think we should choose the California Masonic Foundation.

That is why you should have a California Masonic License Plate. All the proceeds minus the DMV charge will go to the following Charity.

Name of Charity

1)   California Masonic Foundation (Proposed)

Our fraternity has a bright history of proudly displaying the square & compasses. In keeping with this tradition, the California Masonic Specialty License Plate will distinguish us among others and promote masonry throughout our travels.

38 States have a Masonic License Plate
For every 5000 plates ordered $200,000.00 will be raised for Masonic Scholarships or other Masonic charities.
Masons along with their wives and Children will be able to order these masonic Plates, so that means we could have a possible 100,000 plates with a possibility of raising about $4,000,000.00.
Sincerely and Fraternally,

Michael J. Sekera,


Palm Springs Lodge #693


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2 Responses to “Update On Masonic License Plates Coming To The State Of California”

  1. John Says:

    Hello Wor. Michael Sekera,

    Is there any update on this one?

  2. Michael Wyche Says:

    Good Day Wor. Michael Sekera,

    Have you heard of any updates on the Masonic License Plates Coming to the State of California?

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