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Evergreen Masonic Center Gets a New Look

posted by admin
September 10, 2012


Over   the  past  year, the  familiar face of  Evergreen Masonic Center has  been under-going a significant perking up. Just  drive in and  you will see that the grounds are  looking the best they have in years. The  sign in the entry-drive got  fresh letters and a coat of paint and  the  parking  lot got a fresh  blacktop,  and  the  building  has a fresh  coat  of  paint .

As  you  approach the  front door you  will see that the big  beams that  had  been  coming apart at the seams have been  repaired  and  the  weather-beaten  front doors  are  all  freshly  stained again.   All of the windows  along  the  dining  room  were replaced  with  double- tinted . The  old  windows  had  a tint coating that  was  pealing  and  several  of the windows  had  cracks. These  new  windows  are  a  better  insulator  from  the sun  too.

Our  lobby  and  dining  room  have new carpet  and  the   bathrooms  have  been  completely  re-vamped  to meet  the  new ADA  standard  which  meant  that  everything  in the  men’s  room  had  to come  up  and  move . Therefore,    the  whole room  was  re-tiled  with  a  new  modern look.   The  ladies   room  was  also done .  We  had  to lose one  stall  due  to the  space  required  for the  new  ADA  stall,  but  both  bathrooms  now  have  hot water and  a  brand-new  look. Even  the  drinking  fountain  had  to be  replaced  with  a  dual –fountain  to  meet the new  requirements.

The  telephone cubby  we had  was  lowered  and  the  telephone  now  works  again.  The   old  library/ conference  room   has  been  converted  into  the   office  for the  lodge and  EMTA so all  of the records  can be  properly  stored .  We even  have  wireless  internet  in  the  building  now.  The  library will stay  in the  office  but  has  been  organized  .

The big  ADDITION   being the   two  rooms  built  behind the lobby  to the  left and  right of the fireplace  which  are  glassed-in    to  be   a  conference  room  on the  left  and  a  media room/game room on the  right. Both are equipped with their  own  air conditioners  so  the  whole lobby  doesn’t  have to be cooled to have a meeting in the  conference room.  The  same  architecture was  used  in  adding the  two  rooms  to maintain  that   see-thru   look…   The  media  room  will  be  getting  a  TV  and  furniture  shortly.  Both  rooms  are  wired  for media  and  internet ability.

There  were  a  variety  of other  fix-ups  including  a  new  floor on the  “stage”  which  had  been crumbling away  for  years , a  new  counter-top   from the  kitchen  window   to  outside patio  and  a new  cart in the  kitchen  for all  of the  knives, forks  and  spoons  replacing that  old  wooden green  cart  that  had it.

The  cell  tower  in the  back yard , which  is  now  a  pine  tree  instead  of the original  palm , has  been  expanded  .  Due to the  heavy equipment required  to service that  system ,  an  access  road  has  been   graded  on the  east  end of the building   to  get  to it. In  doing  that,  the  old   hump  that  was  originally  there for the fire truck has  gone away.  As it  turned  out ,  the  fire  department  didn’t  want it anymore  anyway.

Submitted by    John Channon, P.M.,     Building Manager ,    Inspector

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