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Saturday, September 15th, Brothers John Brooks, Kevin Currier, Rob McGill and I loaded into the car in the early morning hours and made the drive to the beautiful town of Prescott, Arizona. Our final destination was the Fain Ranch, Home of the Prescott Outdoor Degree. Brother Brooks and I made this trip two years ago and had a good idea of what to expect. For Brothers Currier and McGill this was a new adventure. Upon arrival we proceeded through the front gate, signed in, and went down to the guest room by the pond for coffee and a doughnuts.

When Lodge opened, Kevin and Rob were surprised to see the slight differences in the degree work as presented in Arizona, but were very impressed how beautiful it was. The candidate was brought into the Lodge and made a Master Mason. Lodge was called to rest and we enjoyed a good barbeque lunch and lots of great fellowship.

Returning to the Lodge, nestled among cottonwoods and willows with a gorgeous blue sky overhead, we witnessed a truly amazing sight. The second section was delivered by all of the Arizona Grand Lodge Officers. What a sight to behold, as the Grand Senior Warden sat as King Solomon, and the Grand Senior Deacon conducted the candidate. The Deputy Grand Master gave an outstanding lecture.

Before closing introductions were made of the Grand Lodge Officers, the Officers of Aztlan Lodge #1, our host, and the Grand Master. The Grand Master, seated immediately in front of us took a moment, looked at us and asked the Master to have us introduce ourselves. The Grand Master was particularly pleased that Brother McGill had traveled seven hours from the San Diego area to attend the degree.

This was again a wonderful trip. Having time to meet newly found Brothers, enjoy their fellowship, and discussing things concerning our lives in Freemasonry. I strongly recommend that anyone having the day free attend this wonderful degree. It will be held again around September of next year. Let’s see if we can get enough to charter a bus.

Joe Van Dyke Jr., PM
Inspector 834th Masonic District


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2 Responses to “Members From Blythe-Needles Lodge Attend Degree In Prescott, Arizona”

  1. Keith Rosewitz Says:

    Many thanks for this write up. It's reprinted on our website: http://www.aztlanlodge.org

  2. A. Martin Granville, SW Says:

    My Brothers, I thank you for your comments on our Outdoor Degree. As you may guess, we put a lot of time and effort to put on that degree. We do this so brothers such as yourselves can have a day to reminder. We call it "A lobor of love."

    Next year it will be on September 21, 2013.

    Hope to se y'all there!!

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