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Masons Supply Christmas Cheer

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December 29, 2019

Ceremony of Constitution-Desert Daylight Lodge

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November 16, 2019

Ceremony of Constitution Nov. 23, 2019 at   4:30pm   . Grand Master will be attending

Palm Springs Lodge  450 S. Avenida Caballeros

It is difficult to convey the feelings we have to fully communicate our appreciation for the dedication, courage, and sacrifice, that our veterans have made for freedom. So, we will offer you this video presentation, and a few words more.

What cost, Freedom?
When you weigh the cost, and find the scales uneven.
Just, think of what life would be like, if there weren't those who would stand and pay the price.
For there is nothing so precious, as that, which is purchased with blood.
JB 2002


Here’s to the Heroes – A tribute by the Masons of Division 8, Free and Accepted Masons of California

 Each made a commitment to serve their country and Flag

Never to allow their Love of God to ever wane or sag

Through patriotism they put their families on hold 

To battle evil in all weather, even in the cold

It’s to their sacrifice that we honor them today

We owe each of them a debt that we shall never be able to repay

So proudly fly our Flag every chance you get 

In honor of those men and women whose memory we now protect



From Left to Right

Top Row:  Rose,  Jacka,  Combs,  Channon

2nd Row:  Wells,  Weber ,  Olson,  Dewit,  Church

Bottom Row:  Morgan,  Falconet,  Adams,  Steward,  Cramer

On October 26th, 2019 Brother Barret Sterling Adams was Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason at Big Bear Lodge No. 617, F&AM by a team of Brothers from no less than 7 lodges.


Michael Cramer – Lakeside Lodge No.258, Redmond Washington as – Sr Steward,  Seafaring & Wayfaring Man

Jarred Steward – Clay Lodge No. 207, Excelsior Springs Missouri, as Jr. Deacon

From Blue Jay The Worshipful Jarred Church – Master Rim of the World No. 711 as Jr. Stewart & Fell0wcraft

From Lake Arrowhead,  Our lecturer for this evening was scheduled to be Jim Asher of Rim of the World No. 711, Past Master, Hiram Award recipient and Golden Anniversary Award recipient, but he came down the with the flu Friday and could not attend, but at the last minute

From San Bernardino our Guest Lecturer The Worshipful Robert E. Jacka – Past Master Phoenix Rising No. 178 – a special thanks.

Our Hiram Award recipients participating this evening,

From Crestline The Worshipful Chester W. Olson of Rim of the World lodge 711 – Past Inspector of District 814 – Past Master Rim of the World No. 711 as Fellowcraft

From Big Bear, The Worshipful D. Steven Combs Past Master of Big Bear Lodge no 617 – Inspector of District 814  as Chaplin & Ruffian

From Riverside, a Past Master of Evergreen Lodge No. 259 –  The Inspector at Large Division 8 – The Worshipful John Channon as Sr. Deacon 2nd Section & Fellowcraft

From San Dimas Lodge No. 428  The Very Worshipful Jack Rose – Past Grand Lecturer  as Soloman

From Big Bear Lodge 617:

Worshipful Cesar Falconet as Jr. Warden & Ruffian

Senior Warden James Morgan as Sr.  Warden & Ruffian

Secretary Elbert Dewitt as Secretary

Michael Weber as Senior Deacon 1st section

Worshipful Johnny Wells, Past Master & Officers Coach as Master  1st Section, Sr. Warden 2nd Section

Thank you all for an amazing evening.    Together we do make a difference.


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