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4th of JulyFamily Funfest Booth

posted by admin
June 21, 2015


July 4, 2015 Moreno Valley Flier


The largest assembly of Past Masters in the 822nd district resulted in a fine evening on November 14. The event  held  at  Evergreen Lodge began with a  salad ,steak , baked potato, masonic beans, and a homemade dessert  all  prepared  by  Lynnette Channon and  Greg Covel.  Evergreen officers opened lodge earlier. There  were 41 Masons  in attendance  with  21 being  Past Masters from  4 Lodges:   Evergreen,  Riverside, Temescal/Palms, and  Moreno Valley as  well as one from Scotland and one from Nevada who are now affiliated with  Lodges in  our  district. Past  Grand  Master , William Holsinger  was  present and  was  Chaplain; Lee  Whelan  led the  first  section as  Master  while  Vic Ropac led in the  second section, John Channon  gave the lecture and  Antonio Apostol , the  charge. The  candidate , Max Diaz, who  wore  tails  for the event, was  most  appreciative of the opportunity to be raised  by  a group  of  all  Past Masters. The  officers  for the degree were as  follows:

Evergreen Master & MC                     Greg Covel

Senior Warden –                                    Vic Ropac

Junior Warden –                                    Jack Ree

Treasurer –                                             Jim Mason

Secretary –                                             Robert Gibb

Chaplain –                                             Bill Holsinger, PGM

Senior Deacon –                                   Gary Miller

Junior Deacon –                                    Rick Emmons / Manny Blanco

Marshal (charge)-                                Antonio Apostol Jr.

Senior Steward –                                   Lee Cleveland

Junior Steward –                                   Bob Barden

Tiler –                                                      Drew Gilkey

King Solomon –                                     Vic Ropac

Hiram of Tyre –                                      Erdean Johnson

1st base –                                                Jim Mason

2nd base –                                              Rick Emmons

3rd base –                                               Gary Miller

1st fellow craft –                                    Chuck Scalf

2nd fellow craft –                                  Lee Cleveland

3rd fellow craft (Senior Deacon) – Steve Morrison

Seafarer/Wayfarer –                           Dick Woods

Submitted by: John Channon Inspector of 822nd Masonic District



Sonora League restarted it's Palm Springs Chapter. This evening at the Moreno Valley Chapter's meeting we Initiated it's first two members along with two new members for the Mo Val Chapter. It was one of the most exciting Masonic Family events I have ever had the honor of attending. There were Masons, Sweethearts, Princesses, Parents and Advisors from, Downey, Temecula, Hemet, my goodness, from all over in attendance. This young people who are running for office gave their election spiel and to be honest after listening to them I couldn't begin to speak. The future of the Masonic Family and our communities will be in good hands. Below is a Facebook post from Master Councilor. Facebook has a number of posts regarding the evening. Being an Advisor I knew I was going to attend an Initiation but did not know that there would be four young men being Initiated. Dad Galba Bright,
League Administrator and Allan Solis did a great job of putting the event together. Thank you for allowing me to share the event and thank tDivision VIII for it's support of Masonic Youth. If you could hear these young men and women speak you would all be as happy as I am tonight. Wow! G-d Bless you all.
Sincerely & Respectfully,
Manny Blanco,
Adult Advisor Order of DeMolay..

BBQ at the VA Hospital in Loma Linda

On Saturday, May 26, 2012 Moreno Valley Lodge #804, had their 13th annual BBQ at the VA Hospital at Loma Linda. This year all three Lodges of the 818th Masonic District, Redlands Lodge #300, Fellowship Lodge #668 and Moreno Valley Lodge #804 participated, along with the Jobs Daughters Bethel and the DeMolay Chapter from Moreno Valley.  There were booths with Civil War re-enactment actors and even a band in full Civil War uniforms.  Three service therapy dogs, that were originally rescued and trained by Moreno Valley Lodge member Johne Johnson, also joined in greeting the patients, staff and visitors.

The lunch included barbequed hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, chips, desserts and soft drinks. According to one of the original organizers of the BBQ, Dyane Terkildsen, member of Moreno Valley Lodge, who’s wife works at the hospital, the hospital has an average of 200 veterans at all times. They estimated that they would serve 500 guests, which included patients, staff, Masons and friends. This event, which was free to everyone that attended, is one of the only events that feed the staff and visitors.

Along with many members from District #818, and their youth groups, many of the Grand Lodge family were present, including the Grand Master, Frank Loui and his wife Jeanie, the Jr. Grand Warden, Russ Charvonia, his wife Linda, Assistant Lecturer of Division 5, Lynn Wallingford with his wife Charmaine, AGL of Division 8 Frank Lee and his wife, Lewrana and the Grand Marshal Al Weisser.

We know the patients at the hospital look forward every year, to this day, that honors their dedication and sacrifices to our country as much as they look forward to the Monday Night Football parties that are also hosted by Moreno Valley Lodge each fall. We salute the Lodge for their dedication to our Veterans.

Submitted by:

Frank Lee AGL Division 8

DeMolay Fun Night At Moreno Valley Lodge

posted by admin
May 2, 2012


On Tuesday, April 24th, the Moreno Valley Chapter of DeMolay had a “Fun Night” at the Moreno Valley Lodge.  Generally on the 4th Tuesday of the month, unless there is a degree, the Chapter puts aside ritual and business for light amusement and to just have fun.  Everyone present enjoyed the evening with board games, computer games and pizza. They also played lawn games in the park area behind the Lodge.

The Chapter had many members in attendance including the Master Counselor, Cody Gonzales. Also present were the Chapter Sweetheart, Sarah Elizabeth Baker, advisors Chapter Dad, Allan Solis, J.W. of Artesia Sunrise Lodge # 377, Michael Strader, Moreno Valley Lodge # 804, Ruth Blanco, Star of the Valley # 648 and Manny Blanco, W.M. of Chino Masonic Lodge # 427.

While the Chapter ended the month of April with a Fun Night, May will be an exceptionally busy. Two of the events will include a presentation of the "Flower Talk " given by Richard Baker at the Installation of Officers of the DeMolay Chapter at Artesia Sunrise Lodge # 377 on Saturday, May 19th and a degree on Tuesday, May 29th. Please join us and support Masonic Youth.

DeMolay International is a youth group for young men, between the ages of 12 and 21. DeMolay offers character building, leadership training and life skills development. Please contact Dad Blanco at for more information.  You can also get more information about this worthwhile organization at or

Manny Blanco

Worshipful Master

Chino Valley Lodge #427



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